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A local Ayrshire initiative DICE, aimed at employers, launched on 27th January, 2017 at the Grand Hall, Kilmarnock.

DICE stands for Disability Inclusive = Confident Employers and the 23 partner organisations working together will take every opportunity at the event to inform employers of the help available to them.

Services including Fit for Work Scotland, Access to Work and Working Health Services are examples aimed at maintaining a working environment which supports current staff to remain in the work place.

Agencies represented within DICE already work hard to prepare prospective employees for the work place. Government programmes also offer flexible approaches adapted to meet the needs of business and these can be agreed in discussions with local Job Centre Employer Advisers.

The aim of Disability Confident is to halve the current employment rate gap by 2020. The ‘two tick’ disability scheme has been replaced with a 3 level Disability Confident Scheme, to help employers make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people.

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DICE is a network of employers and community organisations who have joined to inform and support local employers on disability related issues.


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Our purpose is to help employers to be disability-confident through having easy access to a network of support. This network is an organised collective of expertise and support from Local Government, Disability Organisations, Health Services, Pre-Employment Training Providers, Employer Organisations, Work Choice Providers and DWP all ready to work alongside employers.



DICE, through this support network and Web Site (https://ayrshiredice.wordpress.com), will provide advice and suggest strategies to enable employers to achieve successful outcomes in responding to disability and health issues within the work place. We want to see disability confident work places with a focus upon personal ability, employment opportunities and the benefits for employers in having a diverse workforce.



DICE in every practical sense is designed to be of assistance to employers. It also exists to aid understanding of disability and health conditions and will promote opportunity of employment for those in work and those currently seeking employment.

Specific areas are detailed below:

  • Advice on aspects of recruitment – (for some disabled people a working interview may be a better indication of ability).
  • Assistance with the retention of valued members of staff who experience a health condition or disability. This can be achieved by meeting with individuals and assessing circumstances, their health issues and environment in order to recommend adjustments.
  • Help with managing attendance levels through initiatives like ‘Fit for Work’ or Access to Work as well as practical support and advice through Disability Organisations and DWP Disability Employment Advisers.
  • Offer general education sessions in the work place or alternatively targeted assistance toward certain colleagues on health and disability issues such as mental health and hearing loss.
  • Advice for employers and employees on Access to Work
  • Signpost on welfare changes, including Universal Credit and how these might affect employers and the work force.
  • To encourage and support employers to offer work experience, work trials and opportunities for paid employment.
  • Advice on becoming a Disability Confident Registered Employer.