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We understand that employing someone with a disability can appear to be a mine field but did you know?


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There are 1.3 million disabled people in the UK who are ready and willing to work. Yet according to the Chartered Institute of Professional Development, 78% of organisations have reported recruitment difficulties in the past year. With many other reporting difficulty with turnover of staff.

Abilities- Access a wider pool of recruits using our recruitment service, for candidates who have the skills, experience and enthusiasm to do the job. We work with you to make sure every candidate we put forward has the practical skills you need.

If you want to know more about the business case for Employing people with disabilities check out—————————-


But don’t believe us here are some employers who have been through the process.




recruitment advice          EAC

employee matching        EAC

interview support            EAC

application support         EAC

recruitment advice          EAC

certificate of work readiness      Learn Direct

training Learn Direct

Work experience             Learn Direct

certified elearning courses          Learn Direct

provide guidance/experiences of how we recruited staff with a disability             Billy Bowie

wage incentives, interview support, job matching            SAC – employability and skills

range of young peopleand adults seeking employment SAC – employability and skills

advertsing           DWP

application betting          DWP

work trials           DWP

work experience              DWP

modern apprentices and apprenticeship scotland             SDS

work experience and employability fund              SDS

employee matching – case managemnt SDS

employability and interview        SDS

recruitment incentives  SDS

my world of work            SDS

can advise on the best place to recruit disabled individuals from advertising a position to the interview process.                YOU

employemnt advice/ employment hub training RNIB

would like “in role ” support, access to candidates, matching, family liason, incentives, team/business support (awareness training)      BHF

job serach, cv, application forms               AOHL

mock interviews               AOHL

courses for clients to be more job ready               AOHL

work placements with support in place  AOHL




-Finding Staff


employability and skills in south ayrshire have a range of young people and adults seeking employment, work palcements, work trials, job matching    SAC

job matching to trained caseload – person has relevant skills        EAC

vocational profiling of clients and job analysis     EAC

range of learners qualifies in a specific area.        Learn Direct

modern apprentices and apprenticeship scotland             SDS

local social media exposure         SDS

employer engagement team      SDS

job fairs                SDS

access to qualified students in a vocational area Ayrshire College

would like advise on the selection of suitable staff for current vacancies                Billy Bowie

work with young people lokking for employment             AOHL

work placements             AOHL




Clear direction on access to funding, processes and and assistance available BHF, Billy Bowie

Scottish Employer Recruitment incentive (SERI) – AOHL, EAC, SDS

YEI (youth employment initiative) – wage incentive- EAC, NAC, SAC

Transitional Employment Placement (TEP)  (6 month wages incentive)- EAC

Travel warrants and training costs- EAC




-Training & Development



pre employment training, EF, TEPS, accredited training, funded work experience              EAC

additional support knowledge   WG13

personal perspective on disability and potential training                YOU

would like knowledge of development awareness & simplifies information         BHF

work first             dwp

specialist employability support dwp

work able            dwp

sector based work academies    dwp

group information sessions         dwp

digital hub support          dwp

would like testimonials. Employers with training and development needs – help with development         Billy Bowie

deaf awareness training               AOHL

courses for clienets to be more employable        AOHL

prospects service consultancy    AOHL

one stop shop – provides local information and access to available resources       AOHL



word-press-banner-resized-moved-to-topIn Work Support

would like team member awareness, business/management awareness, family liason  BHF

Job coaching through employability service, mentoring for employee and employer not time limited EAC

Prospects consultancy support and mentoring – advice  national autistic society

Detailed assessment and advice to assist to work             fit for work scotland

Info advice for employees with health conditions who are employed by businesses with less than 250 WHS (working health services??)

In work support – adjustment analysis    RNIB

Review/disciplinary/ grievance  RNIB

First hand perspective of living with a disability – building confidence in the work place – team member awareness                YOU

Deaf awareness training to staff, communication tactics                AOHL

Access to work/equipment/adjustments             AOHL







Access to work  DWP

Work place assessment DWP

Access to work -3rd party support            EAC

Advice on adaptions        EAC

Job coaching and work adaptions – systematic instruction              EAC

Advice on adhustments WG13

Access to work  SDS

ASN fund (employability fund)  SDS

MA enhanced funding   SDS

Career advice and guidance         SDS

Redundancy support       SDS

Reasonable adjustments               YOU

Would like testimonials, advice on choices on adjustments to remove any barriers            Billy Bowie


first hand perspective on disability           YOU

support and advice to disabled individual seeking and or entering employment YOU

CIAG and employability support                SDS

meployer engagement team      SDS

training providers            SDS

modern apprenticeship and apprenticeship framework SDS


employability fund          SDS

equal opportunities support       SDS

training providers            WG13

would like advice and support that can be provided in business (on the job) that would devlop/improve placement potential and allay any potential concerns            BHF

DEA        DWP

work able            DWP

disability confident          DWP

dedicated job coach       EAC

able to attend work and meetings with job seekers         EAC

Individual support to increase understanding and overcome difficulties SAC – employability and skills

provide testimonials to employers on lessons learned and expertise available from current employee with a disability              Billy Bowie

specialised support with clients who are deaf     AOHL

advisers who are deaf aware and communicate with clients by BSL          AOHL

expertise knowledge of common barriers in workplace and ensure client doesn’t get this when employed.         AOHL

working with employers re health and safety and risk assessments          AOHL

specialist support and advice      NAC

timely rspeonse               NAC

virtual support network                NAC

1:1 visits and sessions on shat is appropriate to specific query.    NAC




Disability Awareness



health /disabilities overview        DWP

help with identifying and delivering extra training needs               WG13

provide testimonials of the awareness and how how they fitted into our company          Billy Bowie

disability awareness training group          wg13

disability awareness training for staff on learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder         EAC Employability

dedicated job coach to provide advice   EAC Employability

seri         SDS

access to work  SDS

enhanced funding for Modern apprenticeships SDS

creating connections event         SDS

ayrshire ASN network forum      SDS

can provide traininga nd awareness of a first hand perspective to promote disability awareness YOU

deaf awareness training               AOHL

access to work  AOHL

ASD and fragile X awareness (one stop shop), visible in local community building links     NAS








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