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When a staff member develops a disability at work or suddenly requires a reasonable adjustment at work it raises up all sorts of questions, from will they be able to continue with their work? will adjustments be costly to the business? how do I talk my employee about their disability? We understand this can be a difficult time for all involved but with the right support and direction for the business and employee you can continue getting the most out of your employees avoiding long term absences and retain good workers within your company.Test of DICE existing 1


It was estimated that mental health problems at work cost Scottish employers over         £2 billion a year, broken down as follows:

Mental health cost

Financial modelling of a workplace health promotion and well-being programme ndertaken in the UK offices of a large multinational ompany suggests that every £1 sent on the programme has generated savings of nearly £10 in terms of reduced sickness absence and presenteeism ( where employees report for work but are unable to work at full capacity



Here are some of the initiatives available








advice on equality act, reasonable adjustments and when returning to work following sickness absence                FFWS/WHS

access to work  AOHL

equipment         AOHL

deaf awareness/communication tactics AOHL

health and safety risk assessments          AOHL

prospects service             NAS

advice on adjustments for a learning disability    EAC employability service

assistance on application process fro access to work        DWP

trained staff to support learners and assist employers with advice and support  learn direct

provide tetsimonials from staff management on the adjustemnts and the continuous monitoring and support of staff       Billy Bowie

access to work advice and implementation          RNIB

training and advice for uers eg. Zoom text            RNIB

digital hub – assistive technologies           WG13

access to work  SDS

redundancy support       SDS

career change – CIAG     SDS

signposting         SDS

first hand knowledge of adjustments and oth other organisations            YOU







prospects , consultancy support for individuals  NAS

SERI – guidance on application process for employers      Learn direct

would like straightforward instruction on process and access to funding BHF


SERI, YEI, training fund, accredited training, transitional employment opportunities (TEPs), stage 5 training           EAC employability service

access to work  DWP

flexible support fund     DWP

ITA, MAs, access to work              SDS


SERI       SDS

employer engagement fund       SDS


provide testimonials of existing staff      Billy Bowie

avice on health conditions/treatments/restrictions/returning to work/support to remain at work – FFWS/WHS  NHS

awareness of all types of hearing loss     AOHL

knowledge of common barriers oin the workplace.          AOHL

advice and support in employability        Learn direct

ongooing support to continue employment        Learn direct

practical and pastorial guidance on benefits         Learn direct

specialist services – moving forward, prpsopects, training and consultancy, one stop shop, signposting to most relevant               NAS

experienced sight loss advisers RNIB

welfare rights advisers – see me right     RNIB

counselling service          RNIB

on line today (it support /training)           RNIB

access to work  DWP

work first             DWP

retention advice               DWP

Advice and signposting  EAC employability service

Advice and signposting  SAC

ongoing advice and support        WG13

career advice an dguidance         SDS

ITA         SDS

PACE – redundancy support        SDS

apprenticeships                SDS

SERI       SDS

Access to work  SDS

training provider engagement   SDS






Training & Development


certificate of work readiness as preparation for work      Learn Direct

employability training and employment hubs     RNIB

prospects and consultancy advice and training for employee and employers      NAC

would like existing training plans, svqa, on the job training plans                Billy Bowie

would lik eaccess to funding for training and dev. Ongoing support available?     BHF

employability training and employment hubs     EAC employability service

accredited training          EAC employability service

career development      EAC employability service

courses for clienets to gain employability skills with all supoort in place (traing and deaf aware and interpreters, note takers provided)              AOHL

referral to Work First Scotland for retention cases           DWP

update training for staff and managers on how to maintain employers with disabilities and or health problems   YOU

SDS        SDS

Modern apprenticeships              SDS

training on funding          SDS

signposting         SDS

redundancy support       SDS

careers change SDS

ILA – now ITA (Individual training account)            SDS

DISABILITY TRAINING, it SUPPORT, support aids and information              wg13

word-press-banner-resized-moved-to-topDisability Awareness

deaf awareness training and suport during recruitment process               AOHL

employere events           RNIB

support at interviews     RNIB

supoort for existing staff              RNIB

partnership with key agencies   RNIB

learning disability and autistic spectrum disorder awareness        EAC employability service

fragile x and ASD awareness       NAS

encourage staff to work in normal working conditions whilst still monitoring disabilities  Billy Bowie

access to work  SDS

Modern apprenticeships              SDS

signpost               SDS


first hand perspectiveto raise awareness              YOU

disability specific awareness overview   DWP

disability awareness training       WG13

smart support technology            WG13


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