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When a staff member develops a disability at work or suddenly requires a reasonable adjustment at work it raises up all sorts of questions, from will they be able to continue with their work? will adjustments be costly to the business? how do I talk my employee about their disability? We understand this can be a difficult time for all involved but with the right support and direction for the business and employee you can continue getting the most out of your employees avoiding long term absences and retain good workers within your company.Test of DICE existing 1


It was estimated that mental health problems at work cost Scottish employers over         £2 billion a year, broken down as follows:

Mental health cost

Financial modelling of a workplace health promotion and well-being programme ndertaken in the UK offices of a large multinational ompany suggests that every £1 sent on the programme has generated savings of nearly £10 in terms of reduced sickness absence and presenteeism ( where employees report for work but are unable to work at full capacity



Here is a flavour of some of the initiatives in practice

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The health of employees can change throughout the course of their employment and with an aging population an understanding of acquired disability at work is more important than it has ever been to employers.

However when we talk about adjustments in the workplace many employers think about large costs, health and safety concerns and difficulty or hassle implementing adjustments into the workplace.

What if there was financial support for these changes and free professional advice throughout the process?

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In the past have you had to let a member of staff go due to a disability? or do you have someone in your workplace who’s health has been declining?

As an employer it can sometimes feel like you need to be an expert at everything, but wouldn’t it be good if there was free professional advice when you need it.

Check out Expertise for a range of free professional advice in relation to retention of staff.




Training & Development

Looking to up skill or develop a member of your staff.

Need some information on what training is out there, how it is funded and how it is delivered?

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