provide testimonials of existing staff      Billy Bowie

avice on health conditions/treatments/restrictions/returning to work/support to remain at work – FFWS/WHS  NHS

awareness of all types of hearing loss     AOHL

knowledge of common barriers oin the workplace.          AOHL

advice and support in employability        Learn direct

ongooing support to continue employment        Learn direct

practical and pastorial guidance on benefits         Learn direct

specialist services – moving forward, prpsopects, training and consultancy, one stop shop, signposting to most relevant               NAS

experienced sight loss advisers RNIB

welfare rights advisers – see me right     RNIB

counselling service          RNIB

on line today (it support /training)           RNIB

access to work  DWP

work first             DWP

retention advice               DWP

Advice and signposting  EAC employability service

Advice and signposting  SAC

ongoing advice and support        WG13

career advice an dguidance         SDS

ITA         SDS

PACE – redundancy support        SDS

apprenticeships                SDS

SERI       SDS

Access to work  SDS

training provider engagement   SDS